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Subway Mantras Story

You may have noticed the “Subway Mantras” recently. In spite of the book being very short (probably 10 minutes cover to cover), it is really a workbook, and it may take some time to truly appreciate the power of the ancient technology that it presents. It was not a frivolous project as it took almost ten years. It all started when I sheepishly said to my teacher Shree Vinayak, while doing yoga, “I wish I could read Sanskrit”, to which he replied: “Very easi, I teach you”. That, he did.
It took about one year to learn the basic alphabet (follow the rule of one hundred), and after that it was falling down the rabbit hole – curiouser and curiouser…
A few years later I had become a very big fan of the mantras. All kinds, including Vedic. I discovered that their sound and vibration were very soothing and grounding, when followed properly. One day, seemingly by chance, even though there is no such thing, I came across a protective/shielding mantra. I must say that the Bagala Mukhi mantra is really beautiful, and its power almost unimaginable. In order to make the mantra your own, one must learn to say it, write it, and repeat it a certain number of times. In my experience, the more the better. For the next two weeks I rolled this mantra around my mouth and my brain any time that was free of my clinical decision making. It felt grounding.
Meanwhile, one of my friends, whom I met at the “Art of Living” workshop a few years prior, and who happens to be a noted worldly lecturer on the physiology of yoga, sends me a birthday gift of a reading by a very established astrologer in London, who on occasion, advises the British Royalty (talk about giving the right advise to some interesting crowd), and would I please send my information, date, exact time, place of birth, as well as the given name, which I gratefully did. Two weeks later I got this:

Unfortunately i am not getting any real energy to read your friend Alex. i have done what i can, but his soul isn’t interested in me doing any more. Does he know that i am reading him?
Please read what i have written…Is it Him?
he feels distant and well unresponsive. Even though i know he is usually a Big personality….
Anyway i have spent nearly two hours trying to make a connection…
He maybe scared of what i find out..he is definitely blocking me…….consciously…okay
He is very very special person…maybe we have past life karma and he wont speak to me…lol
So Sorry. I would give you a refund but i have been trying for hours…..;-)”

I thought that it was really strange. I’ve never had that happen to me. I’ve had a few readings done for me over the years, and all, except for one were spot on. This puzzled me until two days later, as I was walking by the East River, as I do most mornings, reciting the mantra. I stopped in my tracks and thought to myself: “Wait a second, can it be?”
I did not say anything to anyone, but I stopped the Bagala Mukhi and went on to a different mantra that had nothing to do with shielding. I also sent a note to my friend to please ask the reader to try one more time. Within a few days I received a reading that was incredible. There were things that I never told anyone. It was extremely en pointe and helpful.
After that I decided to start experimenting with various mantras for various situations. Thank God! I have come to discover that when used properly, they all do what they are designed to do. It is like a computer program, only really, really old.
So the “Subway Mantras” are your key to discovering this ancient world of magic, which is so much in need today.
I hope that you put it to good use.